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By: Lantana Grace Church | October 01, 2019

Mark 8:36 "...and lose his own soul."

No man can describe the loss of the soul as he should. No man can paint this dreadful picture in its true colors. You and I will never fully understand what it means to lose one's soul until we pass through the valley of death and wake up in eternity. Then, and not until then, shall we know the value of the soul. The value of things will change greatly in that day. The hour is coming when money, bank notes, and bonds will be worth no more than waste paper. The day is coming when our diamonds, silver, and gold, will be as dust in the streets. The day will dawn when houses and lands will be as worthless as a child's worn out toys. In that day the fame, honor, and glory of this world will be worth no more than faded flowers and withered grass. In that day, a man will be willing to trade all he knows and can imagine, for the privilege of hearing one gospel sermon, one hour of prayer, or one verse of Scripture. In that day, a man will curse the day he was born! Oh, in that day of God's wrath, what will a man give in exchange for this soul?

Scott Richardson

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