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By: Lantana Grace Church | May 18, 2017

Many of you have sons and daughters that you often mention in your prayers, but never with hope. You have often thought that God has said of your son, “Ephraim is given to idols; let him alone;” the child of your affection has become an adder stinging your heart! Oh, then weep, I beseech you. Parents, do not leave off weeping for your children; do not become hardened towards them, sinners though they be; it may be that God may yet bring them to himself. It was but last church meeting that we received into our communion a young friend who was educated and brought up by a pious minister in Colchester. She had been there many years, and when she came away to London the minister said to her, “Now, my girl, I have prayed for you hundreds of times, and I have done all I can with you; your heart is as hard as a stone; I must leave you with God!” That broke her heart; she is now converted to Jesus.

Charles Spurgeon

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