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By: Lantana Grace Church | February 02, 2017

One of the most dreadful things I have ever witnessed was talking to an ungodly man just a few hours before he died. I asked him if he was afraid. His answer to me was, “No.” He died a few hours later with a calm conscience. This poor soul was on the very verge of eternity without one ounce of a God given hope and yet his conscience was calm.

What God refuses to do for some men here, that is, to awaken the conscience out of it’s gross ignorance, He will suffer the torments of hell to do yonder. The rich man fared sumptuously every day and may well have lived with a calm conscience - and died with one too. But as soon as the flame of hell touched him he knew he was in trouble. That poor man I was talking to, I fear, suffered the same fate.

There is but one sure ground for peace and calmness of conscience and that is the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. If the blood is there, there is no sin there. If there is no sin there, there is no wrath of God there; there is no hell waiting. I may not be in Christ and yet have a peace, but it is a false peace. My heart may say, “I am not afraid”, but it wouldn’t be the first time my heart has lied to me. God, give me no rest or peace of conscience until you give me the peace that Christ has made through the blood of His cross.

Bruce Crabtree

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