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By: Lantana Grace Church | August 15, 2017

I see no reason to contradict and fuss with that professing Christian who insists that Christ has done no more for him than he did for Judas. Maybe the poor man is right. How can you contradict him if he is telling you the truth? I just take him at his word and leave it at that. But don’t imagine that Peter believed Christ did no more for him than he did for Judas. Both men had horrible falls into sin. One betrayed Christ and the other denied him. Christ left Judas to die in his sin and go to his own place – to hell. Christ made intercession for Peter and delivered him from what otherwise would have been a damnable fall. Ask Peter if Christ did more for him than he did for Judas. Ask any believer who has truly been taught of God and he will tell you; “If the Lord had not intervened and pleaded my cause as he did, my sin would have damned me just as Judas’s sin damned him.’ And every God taught sinner has lived to say with Peter, “Lord you know all things, you know I love you.”

Bruce Crabtree

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