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By: Lantana Grace Church | May 12, 2016

Christ did not die in vain. I have heard of a theology which, in its attempt to extol the efficacy of Christ’s death, virtually deprives it of any certain efficiency; the result of the atonement is made to depend entirely upon the will of man, and so is left to hap-hazard. Our Lord, according to certain teachers, might or might not see of the travail of His soul. I confess that I do not believe in this random redemption, and I wonder that any persons can derive comfort from such teaching. I believe that the Son of God could not possibly have come into the world in the circumstances in which He did come, and could not have died as He did die, and yet be defeated and disappointed. He died for those who believe in Him, and these shall live, yea, they do live in Him.

Charles Spurgeon

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