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Scriptures Alone! Grace Alone! Christ Alone!

By: Lantana Grace Church | July 11, 2015

I have generally noticed that those professors, who were always so very good, as had nothing very marked about their conversion, have gone off to that form of doctrine which I do not find in the Scriptures; but those of us who know how base we were before our conversion feel that there is only one kind of doctrine in which we can believe, and that is the doctrine of sovereign grace. It would take a great deal to grind me down into a belief in free will, because it is contrary to my whole experience. I know this, if the Lord had not first loved me, I never should have loved him; and if there is any good thing in men whatsoever, it must have been implanted there by the Holy Spirit. If salvation be of works, then I can never have it; and if it be the reward of natural goodness, them I shall never have it. I feel that it must be of grace and of grace alone.

C. H. Spurgeon

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