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By: Lantana Grace Church | August 14, 2018

I notice that few preachers and writers use the expression “OUR LORD JESUS” or “THE LORD JESUS.” It is “Jesus said this” and “Jesus did that” or “Jesus died and rose again.” Brethren, HE IS THE LORD – HE IS THE LIVING GOD!

We need to acknowledge His deity, His dominion, and His divine anointing! He is “God over all, blessed forever” and we can never praise Him too much, speak too reverently of Him, or give Him a high title which He does not deserve.

You may feel that I am straining at a gnat but I sincerely do not think so. As for this preacher and this congregation, He is our LORD JESUS CHRIST and I shall continue to discourage any over-familiarity or lack of reverence for His person and work.

“Ye call me LORD and ye say well, for so I am.” And I urge all who use His glorious name, even in conversation, to use it most reverently and with full honors!

Henry Mahan

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