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By: Lantana Grace Church | May 01, 2018

When we read the story of these two men, it is evident that they had much in common. They had the same parents. They were both born and raised outside the garden. Both had received the same religious instructions. Both came to worship and brought offerings to God. But they differed in their understanding of God’s character, the nature of sin, and the way to approach God.

All men and women are much the same. The natural differences are superficial. We may differ in our ACTS of sin, but there is no difference as to the FACT of sin (Romans 3:9-19)!

This difference in understanding led these men to bring different sacrifices to God. Abel, evidently aware of God’s instructions, in faith and godly fear, brought a slain lamb, typical of the blood of Christ. In this sacrifice, Abel confessed he was worthy of death and that without the shedding of blood there was no forgiveness of sin nor approach to God. Cain’s offering of his own works, the fruit of the ground (that which God had cursed), denied his guilt and professed that he was righteous. Abel trusted the Lord; Cain trusted in his works. O, what a difference!

Abel is a type of the believer in salvation by grace through faith in Christ. Cain is a type of the religious of all generations and persuasions who seek God’s favor by their own doings.

Henry Mahan

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