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Scriptures Alone! Grace Alone! Christ Alone!

By: Lantana Grace Church | September 30, 2015

Blessed is the preacher who can shut men up to free and sovereign grace and yet lovingly, sincerely invite all men to look to Christ and be saved. Blessed is the preacher who knows that “salvation is of the Lord”, who has the patience to wait upon the Lord to regenerate, awaken, and call his hearers; yet he prays for their deliverance, urges them to close with Christ, and beseeches them to “be reconciled to God.” Blessed is the preacher who can preach with equal force and confidence both the preservation and the perseverance of believers. He will not “turn away from us and we will not depart from Him.” Blessed is the preacher who can rejoice in imputed righteousness; “with His holy garments on, I am as spotless as His dear Son”; and yet, along with his congregation, hunger and thirst for spiritual growth and personal godliness. Blessed is the preacher who can find and preach both justification and sanctification at Calvary. We do not go to Calvary for justification and then to Sinai for sanctification; we are “complete in Him.” Blessed is the preacher who can preach prophetical truth in such a way that his hearers are looking for the returning Christ and not only the return of Christ. Blessed is the preacher who administers believers’ baptism, presides at the Lord’s Table, and oversees the business of the Lord’s church not according to the “way we do it in our circles and according to our custom and tradition,” but according to the Word of God. It may be that if preachers and people return to the Scriptures, someone will ask, “What kind of church is this?” And we can answer, “It is the church of the Lord Jesus Christ, which He loved and purchased with His own blood and of which He is the sole Head.”

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