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Scriptures Alone! Grace Alone! Christ Alone!

By: Lantana Grace Church | April 05, 2018

“Someone told me the other day they heard Pastor Scott Richardson say that he had felt himself within spitting distance of hell and worthless as a warm pitcher of spit." That sounds crude to a refined ear but it rings a sure sound in the heart of those who have been taught of God.

How many of us have heard brother Scott make another statement; "the more you convince me of what a great sinner I am, the more you qualify me to cleave to him who came into this world to save sinners."

Law manifests what is in men—sin! Grace manifests what is in God—love! Law demands righteousness from men. Grace brings righteousness to men. Law sentences men to death. Grace brings dead men to life. Law speaks of what I must do. Grace tells me what Christ has done. Law gives knowledge of sin. Grace puts sin away.

Henry Mahan

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