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By: Lantana Grace Church | August 30, 2018

This week a woman asked me a question I rarely, if ever, have been asked. She asked, “What is different about your religion from all the other religions in the world?” What a good question! My answer to her was this, “The gospel of God’s sovereign grace in Christ Jesus is the one message out of all religions in the world that declares God does it all. Every other religion, not matter if it calls itself Christianity or something entirely different, puts a work in the sinner's hand for salvation. The gospel declares salvation is of the LORD: God chose whom he will save, the Son came in human flesh and accomplished their redemption from sin, Christ brings the gospel in truth to each one, the Holy Spirit regenerates them, gives them faith and repentance by which they believe on Christ, and God keeps them until the day he brings them home to glory. So God gets all the glory; man gets none. This is offensive to natural sinners. But God gives His people a new heart so that we delight for God to have all the glory.”

My new friend said she had never heard anything like that. She asked for our website so she can hear more. Pray for her that the Lord will make her do so.

Clay Curtis

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