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By: Lantana Grace Church | August 28, 2015

The Lord Jesus Christ, because of His Godhead, has always had rule over the universe.  Yet in His incarnation, God the Father bestowed, or conferred on Him, His Son, the office of King (Luke 1:32; Psalm 2:6).  His office as King, or His Lordship, is what every believer bows to first, His right to rule over them.  So His kingship commences in the hearts and lives of those who truly bow to and come by faith to the Lord Jesus Christ.  After His resurrection, the Father turned over the reigns of this universe and all that is in it, to His Son, to dispose of, to govern, to reign over till all His enemies are made His footstool and the last enemy is destroyed (I Corinthians 15:25 - 27; Matthew 28:18).

Don Bell

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By: Lantana Grace Church | August 26, 2015

“Christ Jesus is first in all things. He must have the preeminence! He has all authority in heaven and earth. He has the glory before time, in time, and after time. He is the cause of all that's done in this world and in the world to come. When the Scripture says, (I Corinthians 15:20) "He is the first fruits of them that rise again," it is saying that God chose Christ and then He chose us. God justified Christ by His resurrection, thereby justifying us because He bore our sins and was numbered with the transgressors. We will rise again because He is risen. Christ ascended and we will ascend. Christ is first loved; we are loved in the Beloved. Christ is first blessed and we have all spiritual blessings in Him. He is the first and ...

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By: Lantana Grace Church | August 11, 2015

I can still recall the first night Lynn and I slept in our first house. We did not realize we were so close to a railroad track. I can still remember how loud that train sounded! But within a few months, it got to where I didn’t even notice it. Could that be the way some of us are toward hearing the Gospel? There is not a more dreadful state than being “Gospel hardened.”

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By: Lantana Grace Church | August 10, 2015

One generation knows the Christ, the next knows the creed.

One generation knows the Saviour, the next knows the ceremony.

One generation walks with the Lord, the next keeps the building.

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