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By: Lantana Grace Church | October 13, 2016

“Behold my hands and my feet, that it is I myself: handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have” (Luke 24:39).

The only scars in heaven will be those that belong to my Savior. The two in His hands will forever remind me that no work of mine could ever attain the perfect righteousness that God demanded and the Lord Jesus provided. The two in His feet will endlessly call to mind that I could not of my own will and doing come to Him that I might have life. The scar on His brow will perpetually mark Him to be the King of all kings, who was wounded for me. Yet it is the scar in His side that I will adhere to and admire the most, for that is the scar that assures me that I will, by His grace, forever be next to Him....

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By: Lantana Grace Church | January 15, 2016

All religious reformers and messiahs come to live; Christ came to die. All others leave monuments and memorials: no one can find His birthplace, grave, nor one possession. All others write diaries and memoirs; He wrote on the sand. All others choose their followers from the rich, powerful, and influential; He chose the poor and needy. All others praise human righteousness; He condemned it. All others seek those who can help them; He sought those whom He could help. All others promise success and happiness to their followers; He promised tribulation and suffering. All others held their disciples with fear and force; He invited His to leave Him if they would. All others have palaces, mansions, and headquarters; He had no place to lay His head...

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By: Lantana Grace Church | August 12, 2015

We know that what Christ did for us is accepted by His Father, because His Father appointed Him to be our Saviour from before the foundation of the world. God Himself chose Christ to be the Redeemer. He set Him apart, and He laid on Him the iniquity of us all. Had there been one sin in Christ, He could not have been our Saviour. But He was without spot or blemish – without sin. "In Him was no sin." When the innocent lamb was put to death, by the head of the household, he knew this lamb was not dying because of any sin of its own. We deserve to die. Sin had no claim on Him. He died "the just for the unjust, to bring us to God." 

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By: Lantana Grace Church | August 07, 2015

He is the only founder of a religion, in the history of this world, which is totally unconnected with civil government, and therefore totally unconducive to any worldly purpose. All others blended their religious institutions with their civil, and by them exercised dominion over the people. But Christ neither aimed at, nor would accept any such power. He rejected every object, which all others seek, and received those which other religions refuse. He refused power, riches, honors, and pleasure; and actively sought poverty, dishonor, tortures, and death. There have been many imposters who have tried to impose on this world pretended revelations; and some of them have gone so far as to lay down their lives rather than back down. But I defy hi...

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By: Lantana Grace Church | August 06, 2015

To some that is a moot point because they believe He died for all men without exception. But according to the Bible, He only died for His sheep (John 10:16). Not everybody is a sheep. There are also goats. So how can I know that I am one for whom He died? Am I simply to have faith that He died for me? No. You can believe that He died for you and that does not mean He did. Faith is not believing He died for you. Faith is not believing you are saved. Those things have to do with assurance. When the Ethiopian eunuch asked Phillip, what hinders me from being baptized? Phillip said, “If you believe with all your heart you may.” Notice what the eunuch did not reply. He did not say, “I believe that Christ died for me personally,” or “I believe tha...

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By: Lantana Grace Church | July 16, 2015

Almost everybody in America is a church member, but they don't think that God will punish sin. They sleep well at night, because they don't believe that God will punish sin. They don't let their church membership interfere with their daily living, because they don't believe that God will punish sin. Talk to them about Jesus dying on the cross and they are not interested, because they don't believe that God will punish sin. And, of course, nobody will be interested in whether Christ did anything for him on the cross until he believes that God will punish sin. There is no use to apply a remedy to this generation; this generation does not need its sins forgiven, for they don't think there is any punishment awaiting them. What they need to hear...

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By: Lantana Grace Church | July 14, 2015

Christ’s death is not a pattern but a payment. His death is not an example but an atonement. His death does not revive us but it redeems us. Our problem is with the Law and with the Holy Justice of God, and we cannot go free until someone pays that sin debt before a Holy God. Now God can receive us and pardon us because the Lord Jesus Christ paid our sin debt to whom it was owed. God set the price and Christ paid it.

Milton Howard

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By: Lantana Grace Church | June 16, 2015

The preaching of Christ Jesus and Him crucified is hated by this religious world. But those who believe, and are saved, love it with a perfect love. It is our only hope, our Salvation. If we compromise on this to please the people of our day, we compromise the Gospel, and make the death of our Lord Jesus Christ of none effect. We have no Salvation. We have no hope. We will stand before a thrice Holy God with a hope only in what we can do to satisfy His justice. We will be obligated to pay our sin debt with the works of the flesh, while the Scriptures declare that, “By the works of the flesh shall no man be justified in His sight.” What hope is there in this? None whatsoever.


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